Who's behind endavu?


Financial dreams? We're here to make them less dreams, more reality. At Endavu, we don't just break down the walls of complexity—we bulldoze right through them.As for our app? It's not just another app —it's a transformative experience,designed to make investing refreshingly simple. We're all about inspiring you to own your financial future, keep you engaged and in control of your financial journey.

But here's the thing — we're stronger together, and at Endavu, we understand the power of community. That's why we're more than just a service; we're a unity where success is achieved together. We aim to connect investors from all walks of life, and our commitment is to support you in making savvy investment choices. After all, every investment isn't just a transaction, but a steppingstone toward fulfilling dreams.

Join us in our efforts to transform the investment world. Let's make it a reality.

Team and motivation

Historically, the most rational way to save up money for the future has been putting them to work in the stock markets. Yet less than 20% of people do so. Why? Because existing solutions are too complicated, and people don’t know what to invest in.That’s what we want to change.

As passionate retail investors ourselves, we believe the stock markets should be accessible to anyone. With Endavu, we’re trying to build a transformative experience for both novel and experienced investors.

What started as a simple idea is now a team of nine and counting. We are based out of Copenhagen and spend every minute of the day building what we wish had existed when we started investing outselves.

Our journey has just started, and Rome wasn’t built in one day. The best way to build a truly great product is by carefully listening to what the users say. We hope that you will join us on our journey and share what you think – big and small – with us along the way, so we can always grow into something even prettier.

/Team Endavu