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Secure, fully regulated and licensed by Finanstilsynet.
Probably the best prices starting at 2.5 USD, with no hidden fees
The broadest offering with +50K stocks & ETFs from across +25 markets

Inspiration at your fingertips

Combine the latest news with curated investment themes enabling you to ride the trends without hours of research.

Get inspired by others

Get a glimpse into the world of other investors! Check out their portfolios, liked assets and trading activity.

Invest in stocks and ETFs 24/5

No need to wait for the market to open. Invest when it is most convenient for you, and the timing is right. More than 10.000 of the stocks can be traded any time during the weekdays.

Possibly Denmark's lowest fees

Don't worry about the fees. You will most likely get the best prices when using our app.

Access to 25+ different countries

We don't want your investment opportunities to be limited by us. So we offer access to more than 25 different countries around the world. Curated with the most relevant, or accessible in search.

Curated stock Collections.
For all your passions.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, an eco-warrior, or a coffee connoisseur, we'll inspire your investments to align with what truly excites you through collections.

Small amounts, big investments. Invest for what you prefer.

Worried about needing a fortune to invest? Not anymore. You can start investing with small amounts by buying fractional shares. Think of it like a slice of your favourite pie. You can diversify your portfolio, even with limited funds.

Thousand of investment opportunities

Immerse yourself in captivating opportunities. From stocks that shape the future to real estate ventures, we present a rich tapestry of choices to match your financial goals and ignite your passion for growth.

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Novo Nordisk
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Secure & Trusted

Regulated by the Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet)

We are diligently regulated by the Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet), ensuring the highest standards of security and compliance for your peace of mind.

Endavu is covered by the
Danish Guarantee Fund

Rest assured, in the event a Danish bank (including Endavu) should suspend its payments or go into bankruptcy, our clients' funds are covered by the Danish Guarantee Fund with up to EUR 100.000 for cash deposits.

Securities with Endavu is safe and secure

All your data is secure and protected with 256-bit encryption using advanced encryption protocols to ensure the highest level of security.

Some questions. Some answers.

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What are our prices? Why can we offer it so cheap?

Our competitive pricing structure is designed to be straightforward and affordable, with Danish stocks trading from 18 DKK, American stocks at 2.5 USD, and European stocks at 2.5 EUR per trade. There is a 0.25% currency conversion cost for foreign stocks. Our ability to offer lower prices stems from our unique ecosystem partnerships, allowing us to piggyback on larger players’ volumes and discounts.

Are there any running depot fees?

There are no running depot fees at Endavu. We strongly believe in transparency, so all our prices are readily available within the app, and nothing is hidden. If you happen to come across any omissions, please inform us, and we'll promptly address it for you.

What products & markets do we offer?

We provide access to over 25 markets, including Denmark, the EU and the United States. With a selection of more than 50,000 stocks and ETFs, you can build robust and diversified portfolios that resonate with your investment goals, interests, and risk profiles. We believe that our users should have a clear understanding of the products they are investing in. Therefore, we currently offer only non-complex products such as stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and REITs. In the future, we have plans to introduce bonds, and who knows, it might happen sooner than you think.

Do we support paper trading?

Endavu does not currently offer paper trading support. However, you can open an account, transfer as little as you like, and try out investing with Endavu by purchasing our fractional products.

How can you fund your account?

Funding your account has never been easier. With our Neonomics integration you can transfer directly from your bank account within our app. Traditional bank transfers are also supported, providing you with the flexibility to choose the method that best suits your preferences.

What about tax reporting?

Don't worry - we've got you covered. We are reporting to the Danish tax authorities on behalf of you.

What are fractionals and why is it so smart?

Fractional shares represent portions of a single stock or ETF, making it easier for investors to diversify their portfolios without the need to invest large amounts of money. This approach democratizes investment in high-value stocks, enabling you to allocate funds across a broader range of assets and manage risk more effectively. It’s a smart way to build wealth, regardless of the investment size.

How are fractional assets treated tax wise??

Fractional shares are subject to the same tax treatment as full shares. We'll ensure accurate taxation for your fractional holdings, down to as little as 0.0001 of a share.

What is overnight trading?

With overnight trading, you're not bound by traditional market hours. This feature allows you to place trades even when the markets are officially closed, providing the advantage of reacting to news and events as they happen. This means you don't miss out on potential opportunities that occur outside of regular trading hours, keeping you one step ahead in your investment strategy.

Will Endavu offer a monthly savings plan comparable to Nordnet?

Endavu is currently offering a monthly savings plan comparable to the one offered by Nordnet. We are continually improving this feature, so if you have any suggestions, please make sure to let us know.

How does our Monthly Savings Plan work?

Our Monthly Savings Plan is a systematic approach to investing. It enables you to invest a fixed amount of money into a chosen low-cost ETF every month. This disciplined investment strategy can help in averaging out the purchase price over time and can be an effective way to build your investment portfolio with a long-term perspective in mind, leveraging the potential of compound growth.

Can I transfer my existing stocks to Endavu?

Absolutely! Simply send an email to with your transfer request and we'll help you. However, be mindful that transferring stocks from other brokers often comes with high fees. For example, Nordnet charges 499 DKK per non-DK stock. So a more cost-effective strategy might be to start buying new shares through Endavu while gradually selling your holdings at your current broker. This approach can be a smarter way to smoothly transition to our services without incurring hefty fees.

When will Endavu be available for Android and web?

We are not working on an Android or web version of Endavu just yet. But hang tight; it's in our scope, we just haven't reached that part in our journey yet.

When will you open up for non-DK residents?

For now, Endavu is only available to Danish residents, but as we continue to grow, we will expand to other countries.

Can minors open an account?

You can’t invest your pension or company funds in Endavu just yet.

Can I invest my pension or company funds with Endavu?

You can't invest your pension or company funds in Endavu just yet.

Do we offer forex accounts?

We have implemented an automatic currency conversion feature for investments in assets not denominated in your home currency (DKK), simplifying the process by removing the need for you to manually convert funds in currency accounts. This option may be made available to clients who are interested in utilizing it in the future.

Will Endavu introduce DRIP in the future?

We are considering offering a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) in the future.

What was the motivation behind Endavu?

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to invest their savings to make them grow over time. Unfortunately, existing solutions are too complex, expensive, and old-fashioned. That’s what we want to change by making investing as easy as listening to music on Spotify. Beyond having the broadest music (product) catalogue, we offer relevant news in an engaging format, tons of inspiration and enable you to discuss your investments with your friends & wider community. Let’s make investing refreshingly simple, together!